Monday, 10 October 2016

Frank Owens Contractors Review: Maintaining Ecological Balance

Groundworks and other site preparations tend to disturb the ecological balance of a specific region. A number of strategies have been formulated to reduce the effects of construction works on the ecosystem. Frank Owens possesses in-depth knowledge and awareness with regards to the minimization of ecological effects of construction.

Below are few recommended tips:

1.Environmental protection is an important issue around the world. To be able to provide protection and solution on this issue, a presence of an ecologist in the construction site will help to assess and understand the state of the environment in the area.

2.Construction materials must be kept and stored properly to prevent possible leakage of hazardous chemicals and powders.

3.Boundary fencing must be established not just to protect your site from unwanted entries but also to preserve the vegetation and soil structure beyond the limits.

4.Though revegetation demands high cost in both time and money, it still recommended to established trees, shrubs or groundcovers in the area to prevent erosion and mitigate flooding.

Frank Owens Contractors has been in the utility contracting services since 1992. With years of expertise in the field, they have developed a good construction site practice to control and prevent harm to the environment. Rest assured that their project will meet environmental guidelines and that the neighboring areas will not be tremendously affected until completion of the project.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Frank Owens, Ltd. Review: Building a Home is Building Wealth

Buying a home requires an individual or a family to incur one of the biggest single expenses within a lifetime. It is both a big risk or gamble as well as a large investment. Risk, as in any adverse event, such as losing a job or any circumstance that leads to one’s failure to pay the mortgage, can jeopardize the project. Obviously, it is a potentially good investment as it gains value in time from which an owner can gain equity or take out a loan from -- or monetize completely through selling at a profit. While some persons may not need or never avail of such benefits from owning a home due to certain principles or qualms, building one’s personal worth or credit level can come as a great advantage in the present economic conditions.

Moreover, one can look at owning a home as a kind of forced savings since regular monthly payments can be equated into imaginary inputs into a virtual savings account from which one can withdraw at any time, partially or as a whole. This unique feature of a residential building which most of us see simply as a physical domicile, in fact, serves as a great source of economic opportunities for a nation. In recent times, we have seen how home mortgages have been used to provide significant wealth to people who were engaged in the stock markets in order to benefit their corporations at the expense of homeowners and other investors.

In effect, residential housing contributes to a nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) through residential fixed investment (meaning, new building construction and improvements) and personal consumption expenditure (referring to various housing services, such as gross rents paid, etc.). Residential fixed investment (or RFI) provides a measure for homebuilding and remodeling’s contribution to the GDP.

Investment in homebuilding has historically shared an average contribution of 5% of the GDP although in 2010 it was down to 2.5%.  Housing services, on the other hand, averaged from 12 to 13%.

So, next time you think of writing a check to pay the rent or the mortgage for your home, you need to realize that you are not getting poorer for it but enriching yourself as well as the whole nation.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Frank Owens, Ltd. Review: The Resurgence of the Home Building Industry

TIME Magazine reported that, as early as November 2013, there was a 22.7% increase in new residential construction projects, the highest one-month improvement since 1990. This is a piece of old news, as of now; however, it provides the initial proof of the ongoing resurgence of the homebuilding industry not just in Northern America but worldwide. In fact, we can categorically say that it has taken off and is on its way to a steady and stable performance which augurs well for all companies and individuals involved in the industry. The early prediction was that an additional 300 to 500,000 homes will result from the expected economic recovery.

Although we can consider that as just a flash in the pan, it was predicted that by 2014, the economy would begin to take advantage of the growth of the industry as real estate and residential building prices would achieve a new high.     

Thus, by 2016, optimism has remained high as predictions for this year point to a sustained gradual growth, based on employment and economic improvements, housing demand affordable prices and reasonable mortgage rates. While jobs in the industry may increase, the growth in the housing industry will depend on the availability of land, labor and materials which still have to keep up with the growing demand. A conservative sales growth of 20% is expected as single-family homebuilding will improve by 14% this year. This is what Goldman Sachs refers to as the tail part of the “post-crisis” housing market supported by a stabilizing home-ownership trend that is being experienced.

Frank Owens, Ltd. is equally bullish as it keeps in constant alert on worldwide trends in the homebuilding industry as such news provides a certain measure of confidence in global individual decisions to venture into large investments, particularly in the domestic-home front. Its involvement in providing service to the industry through recruiting key personnel requires a wide-ranging awareness of factors that affect the industry and its various related sectors as a whole. As labor is a vital component in the industry, so are the executives who provide the technical and managerial skills necessary in keeping the whole business sustained and healthy.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Frank Owens Contractors Review: Minimizing Potential Environment Impacts

Groundworks and other site preparation activities possess environmental threats that must be dealt with before conducting any engineering works. Investigation of the overall ecological effects of the removal of vegetation and other ecological features requires comprehensive study and research. Moreover, even if thorough study is performed, measures must also be taken to reduce any possible environmental effects of the project on the region.

Some of the environmental impacts that may develop are listed below:

1.Contamination on the area

The leakage of chemicals like oil, methane and other toxic substances used in construction activity may influence the water quality and the soil in the working site as well as in the surrounding areas.

2.Change in the waterways

Construction works may change waterways in surrounding areas and may badly affect people living in the area. In addition, the grading of surface soil and stripping of vegetation’s may result to landslides and mudslides.

3.Noise and vibrations

Noise and the trembling of the soil made by construction machineries can negatively affect the growth of plants and propagation of animals.

4.Water run-off

Proper disposal of toxic materials must be implemented to avoid these chemicals from harming nearby streams and rivers by means of water run-off.

Several factors must be taken into consideration to protect the environment from harm. Frank Owens Contractors provides quality utility services in Northern and Southern Ireland for more than two decades. Through detailed study and planning, they will ensure that all possible considerations are taken to minimize the potential effects of the project on the environment.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Frank Owens Contractor Reviews: Land Clearing

Conducting site clearance is important before starting any construction activity around the site. It is normally the first operation to be done which consists of the removal and disposal of vegetation or any obstruction on the site area. Though many consider this as a simple process, Land clearance requires a method statement to make it efficient and successful.

Here are the methodologies for site clearance work:

1.      Restriction on the site area

Due to the presence of heavy equipment and the potential risk from toxic gasses that may spread on the vicinity, access from the site must be limit. Only people with site safety training must gain access to the area.

2.      Issuing of permits

Prior to site clearing, those who are in charged must obtain a site clearance from the city authorities. Moreover, necessary signage and precautionary measures are needed to inform the public on the ongoing work in the area and to avoid more damage.

3.      Establishing boundaries

Site engineer must control entry and movement around the site area to ensure the safety of all concerned. Setting up boundaries to prevent entry to hazardous spots.

4.      Wildlife eradication

Proper removal and disposal of vegetation such as herbs, shrubs, grasses and trees. Vegetation must be placed in one designated area to be disposed of properly later on.

5.      Limit working area

All operation related to construction must be done only within the borders set out with fences.  This is to reduce work and prevent additional clearing.

Rest assured that Frank Owens Contractors will provide the most efficient utility service for their clients at an affordable price. They make sure that every operation is done accordingly to the regulations and objectives set.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Frank Owens Contractors: Groundworks Construction

During our childhood, many of us have this natural attraction in playing with sand and soil. As we grow old, our interest with this kind of activity becomes not just for fun but as a medium to earn a living.

Frank Owens Contractors loves to get their hands dirty by providing quality groundworks and other utility services across Northern and Southern Ireland. When you are involved in a high-hazard construction industry, having insufficient knowledge in this field is critical.  Frank Owens makes sure that their contractors and engineers have the proper training to handle civil works projects in the most efficient manner.

For more than two decades in the industry, Frank Owens in Tokyo, Japan  has gained expertise in various building and non-building projects such as groundworks and site preparations. When working on a construction project, groundworks is one of the most important phases that must be done before starting any other construction activity. The staff of Frank Owens will provide high-quality groundworks to ensure that whatever the construction atop of it, is built upon a solid foundation that will last.

Nowadays, heavy construction vehicles are a vital part of time and cost efficient construction. This enables construction companies to complete their task quickly and safely as it helps in reducing the manual labor and risk factors. Frank Owens is committed to providing you with high quality and credited heavy construction vehicles suited for various projects.

Frank Owens aims to prioritize the utilization of the right kind of machine to do the right job in every project. This helps Frank Owens provide assurance to its clients that their projects will be cost efficient with minimum equipment downtime. Proper utilization of equipments and resources as well as time and people management is maintained all throughout the project until its completion.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Frank Owens Contractors: Dirt and your Safety

Looking for someone to do a dirty work? 

No. It is not what you’re thinking.  We are talking about real dirt here.

When we were kids, we used to play a lot outdoors with other kids in the neighborhood. Running and playing with the sand and soil either to create a castle or small slopes from which to roll up and down toy cars and trucks. We grow old but our interest with this kind of childhood activity remains -- as an excellent source of living.

Frank Owens Contractors now in Tokyo, Japan has been in the industry for more than twenty years providing groundworks, plant hire and other utility contracting services across Northern and Southern Ireland. Their dedicated engineers probably got their first training from building tiny structures using sand or soil with other scraps in the backyard on their childhood. But when it involves real groundwork or civil works projects, one needs the proper technical training and excellent planning and management skills to excel in the business. The thorough specifications and criteria of engineering and the construction industry mean that an organization must have the knowledge and the expertise to meet the technical and financial goals of project owners.

Groundworks are usually the first stage of any construction job. Frank Owens makes sure that they have the right kind of machinery required in every project. They carefully think what tasks needs to be performed, what tools or machinery is suitable for each stage in the process and how, when and where it will be used. They plan ahead to ensure that the correct equipment or machinery for the work is available. The team of Frank Owens knows both how to make the most use of the construction equipment and how to use that equipment to complete the job in the quickest and most cost effective way.

Safety means choosing the right equipment for the right job. Frank Owens strives to meet the utility services needs of their clients with their long expertise and trained approach in groundwork contracting.